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Our Brokk® 180 is Perfect for Your Commercial & Industrial Jobs

Brokk 180

Versatile and powerful, the Brokk 180 from Cheeseman’s Concrete Removal Ltd. can handle a variety of commercial and industrial jobs in the Lower Mainland. Our machine can be equipped with an array of attachments including scrabblers, crushers, cutters and buckets to handle your heavy-duty demolition projects. The Brokk 180 has a modern anchorage control system so it can be craned into buildings or structures. This compact, all-around machine gives you the hitting power and stability to handle various medium to heavy demolition jobs. From bridge projects to various industrial and commercial jobs, the Brokk 180 is up to the task.

Brokk 180 demolition

Consider the following features of the Brokk 180:

• Machine can fit widths of 32 inches

• 3-part arm has extendable reach of 6.5 metres

• Hitting power of 406 joules

• Highly maneuverable on revolving table which yields 360-degree rotation

Our Brokk 180 can be used for:

• Grinding

• Crushing

• Excavating

• Grappling

• Interior demolition

• Pilings

• Retaining walls

• Staircases

• Landings

• Mezzanines

• Parking garages

• Basements

• High rise demolition

• Pool decks

• Patios

• Driveways

• Bank vaults

• Columns

• And much more!!

Are you working in a very tight space? You might consider the Brokk 50 or Brokk 60. If you have any questions about our equipment, please call or use our convenient form.

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