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Our Brokk® 400 Gives You Heavy-Duty Demolition Power

Brokk 400

Experience the ultimate in heavy-duty demolition power with the Brokk 400 from Cheeseman’s Concrete Removal Ltd. If you need to remove heavily reinforced concrete vaults or foundations with speed and accuracy, we can handle the job with this impressive machine. The Brokk 400 offers mobility and versatility and is perfect for jobs that involve extensive tracking. Get the muscle you need with a machine known for safety and stability by consulting with Cheeseman’s Concrete Removal Ltd. Call to discuss your project today.

Consider the following features of the Brokk 400:

  • Vertical reach of 7.1 metres (including breaker)
  • Horizontal reach of 6.7 metres (including breaker)
  • Highly maneuverable with full 360° turning radius
  • Handles tools up to 600 kg in weight

Our Brokk 400 can be used for:

Construction 400
  • Heavily reinforced concrete structures
  • Concrete vaults
  • Foundations
  • Jobs that require extensive tracking
  • Various commercial and industrial applications
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