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Brokk Tools & Attachments in BC and Alberta

Brokk® machines safely demolish commercial, industrial and residential concrete structures. To get your job done right the first time, Cheeseman’s Concrete Removal Ltd. carries high-quality, efficient Brokk® attachments to expand the Brokk® fleet’s versatility and efficiency. Our sturdy Brokk® tools include:

The Powerful Scabbler:

The scabbler is recommended by Brokk® for renovation of concrete surfaces, such as floors, walls etc. It has the following benefits:

  • The scabbler’s teeth remove old, damaged or excess concrete, leaving a surface with excellent adhesive properties.
  • There is no risk of cracking when working on bridges or in tunnels. Compared to other methods, the scabbler avoids problems that arise when water is used.
  • In the process industry there are several applications, in which the scabbler can prove helpful, such as the renovation of interior coating on cast lining and the removal of slag.
  • The optional depth limitation device (for positions 5-30 mm) makes it simple to remove the exact amount of concrete desired.

Please see the information brochure on Brokk® website for more information about the scabbler.

The Planer Attachment:

Armed with a Brokk® machine and planer attachment, an operator on concrete wall and ceiling repair projects at dry docks, water treatment plants, bridges and in sewer pipes can quickly remove deteriorating concrete from ceilings, floors and walls. To keep up with a single Brokk® machine and planer attachment, a contractor would need a four-person crew on bulky scaffolding armed with handheld tools and pneumatic bushing bits. Even then, it would not be long before the Brokk® machine outlasted the workers’ stamina.

With a BCP planer, operators set the planer’s skis against the surface and, once the planer is activated, its grinder runs along a track to remove a 1/4- to 2-inch layer of concrete. Once the grinders finish their cycle, operators move them to the next location and repeat the process.

The attachments grind at rates up to 80 square feet per hour and delaminate smalling concrete to create a good binding surface for epoxy finishes. They are similar to open-faced grinders, but their flat grinding profiles help prevent the removal of too much concrete at a time; operators simply ratchet down the two-drum grinder in 1/16-inch increments to create a uniform, binding surface.

Read more about the planer attachment at the Brokk® website.

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